Music for 
			Social InclusionMusic for 
			Social Inclusion



About White hand chorus

A new form of music
performed by individuality

This unique chorus includes many children from social minorities, such as those with hearing or visual impairments, wheelchairs, autism, and vocal difficulties.
The blind children can sing with their voices, and the children with vocal difficulties wear white gloves to express the lyrics of the songs, hence the name White Hand Chorus.

About us


El Sistema Connect brings
music to life with children who dare to make a difference,
creating an inclusive future
that resonates from the stage to the world.

Why We Do It: Our Purpose and Passion

Disabilities and poverty impact many children in Japan, limiting their access to music education. Notably, disparities in circumstances contribute to inequalities in cultural experiences. We firmly believe that engaging in music-making provides these children with confidence and self-esteem.

Our Vision and Mission

The Joy of Music for All

The White Hand Chorus sis committed to fostering an inclusive environment, ensuring that individuals from diverse backgrounds have access to music education. Our goal is to cultivate a society where every person can reach their full potential.